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The E3 H-Bridge Board is a double-wide board (it occupies two peripheral slots), operating from either 3.3V or 5V logic power. Driver power can either be derived from logic power source or supplied externally. The board implements a four channel h-bridge driver with max 1 Amp output (when powered from the SPIP header, 2 Amps when drivers are powered externally). Outputs are driven by the processor PWM resources for proportional control or digital outputs for simple on / off control. The h-bridge outputs may be externally powered if jumper R6 is removed. Two, three-channel encoder channels are available via the P4 connector and are routed to input capture pins in the recommended configuration. Polled and interrupt driven fault detect are also implemented. By default, current sense is not enabled (typically used for stepper motor drivers) but may be implemented if current sense shuts are replaced with appropriate resistors. Refer to the TI DRV8833 data sheet for more details.


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