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Thank you for your interest to get started with KoliadaES! This page will assist you with setting up your development environment.

Things You Need

  • For Windows 10;
    • Download and install MSYS
    • WSL support is in progress
  • For Linux;
    • Not currently supported
  • For MacOS
    • Not currently supported
  • For CC8051 targets;

KoliadaES Setup

The first step before you can get started on KoliadaES development is to set the SDK for KoliadaES. Run SetSDK.EXE to install the setSDK application, which sets the Path to a specified KoliadaES SDK directory.

You should find the SetSDK.EXE file under $KoliadaESDK(TM)$→applications→Tools→setSDK.exe

Open the SetSDK.EXE file and click yes to install

Now you have installed setSDK application.

The SetSDK application allows you to set the KoliadaESDK(TM) path by opening any KoliadaESDK(TM) .sdk file using the SetSDK application. Now that you have installed SetSDK, the .sdk extension files should open by default.

Once you open a .sdk file using SetSDK, you should see this

The .sdk files can found under the root $KoliadaESDK(TM)$ directory

Visual Studio Setup (Under Construction)

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