• KoliadaES is an embedded system developed with 30 years expertise in low power, cost effective, embedded and wireless solutions.
  • KoliadaES reduces the time to migrate new chips from months to days, memory requirements kilobytes instead of megabytes, and boot times milliseconds instead of tens of seconds.
  • KoliadaES achieves this feat by being the only formal System Object Model for embedded systems (think DLL for embedded), giving complete control over system abstraction footprint and scaling to the needs of the application.

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Products using KoliadaES

Company Product Name Description Image
Pi Variables Sequential LED Road Flare “Our intelligent technology in a rugged and compact emergency LED flare. Designed to take a beating, the “Ice Cream Sandwich”™ sequential flare enhances your safety by warning and guiding motorists. Pi-Lit® intelligent technology automatically synchronizes each flare making deployment quick and safe. No “Master”, no “Slave”, no programming. Turn on and drop. That’s all there is to it!” Pi-Lit is using a patented mesh network designed by Koliada.
Mesh Candy Wireless Environmental Data Station Mesh Candy is a wireless IoT company for environmental data & control and asset tracking. Mesh Candy utilizes Koliadas EtherMESH & Ether DATA products for zero config low power mesh networking. “These units collect Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure using a pre-calibrated combination MEMS device.”
Asset Tracker “These trackers can be seen by the network. Location results are listed.”
Club Catcher Smart Golf Gear “Automatic Golf club tracking. Club catcher technology is designed for this specific purpose of alerting golfers whenever their clubs are left behind.”

KoliadaES Key Features

  • Supports most SOC’s – 8/16/32 bit
  • Architectural diversity without bloat
  • Less complexity without loss of integrity
  • Resource scalability
  • Reusable Binary components


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