KoliadaES Licenses

KoliadaES comprises two parts; “KoliadaESDK” and “KoliadaES Runtime”.

KoliadaESDK is the (free) software developer kit that enables a user to build applications for KoliadaES Devices. Licensed usage of KoliadaESDK is free.

KoliadaES Runtime provides core services exposed as KoliadaES component APIs and is installed on a device during manufacture creating “KoliadaES Devices”.

Thus, there are two licenses, one for developers and one for manufacturers where developers may also be manufacturers and manufacturers may also be developers. The mode of operation dictates license coverage.

  • A free KoliadaESDK License is required for anyone using KoliadaESDK with previously manufactured KoliadaES Devices (e.g TI CC2541 from E3 Embedded).
  • A KoliadaES Runtime License is required for anyone manufacturing devices that include the KoliadaES Runtime for use or resale.

Manufacturers can buy KoliadaES Runtime installs here and for details of how to install KoliadaES Runtime see here.

Open Source

KoliadaES does not use, contain or provide any open source.

For CC8051 targets, we use "SDCC KoliadaES", a C compiler derived from the open source project SDCC. SDCC KoliadaES uses the C compiler only and is provided under the terms of the original SDCC license which can be found here. The sources used to create SDCC KoliadaES can be found here.

For all your other KoliadaES related needs or queries, please contact us.

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