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  • Know the datasheet!
  • Read the code!

"Our team needed a quick and cost-effective way to build and test a low-power wireless mesh solution. With the KoliadaES PIEP environment I was able to develop a robust proof of concept in a week. Better yet, I used the same application firmware on our own hardware design! The KoliadaES cross platform SOC support eliminates complexity by abstracting the application from the hardware. No porting necessary."

Adam Selevan

VP Engineering, Pi-Variables

"Working with KoliadaES over the past few months has been extremely rewarding and I've learned so much in the process. As someone who never interacted with embedded systems throughout my whole undergraduate degree, this has been a fun journey and seeing the results has been amazing. Koliada provides second-to-none support and has taught me so much about things I didn't even know were a part of software engineering."

Jordan Strobing

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